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Capri Italian Restaurant

Capri Italian Restaurant is one of my favourite Italian eateries in downtown Hamilton. My favourite dishes are the beef canaloni and the beef lasgna. The tiramazu dessert is excellent, as well as the tartufu. Coffee is served by Keurig coffee maker.  Take out orders are also available. There is also a party room available at the back of the dining room. The staff are very friendly there.

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Oak Cafe

I went to Oak Cafe for lunch today in the Jackson Square. They have a wide variety of dishes to choose from on the menu. There grilled cheese and bacon sandwich was superb. They have excellent coffee. This coffee shop is located in the Standard Life Building atrium, on the west side of Jackson Square, near Nations grocery store. The staff brings your food to your table after you place your order and pay at the counter. I find the staff very kind and friendly there.

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Theatre Aquarius

This is one of my other favourite live theatres in downtown Hamilton. It is called Theatre Aquarius. I just watched a show there yesterday with my close friend. The show that was performing was The Cabaret. We enjoyed that show. It was full of laughter and excitement.



Hamilton Place

One of my favourite places in downtown Hamilton is Hamilton Place. They perform Broadway shows, concerts, shows of special interest, and graduation ceremonies. I first went to Hamilton Place in 1975 to see Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops with the family. I also went there later on that year to watch a play with my grade six class at Pineland Public School with Mrs. Hedden. That was a marvolous play. One of the characters in the play portrays a person dressed up as a giant frog. This play was performed in the studio theatre whereas Arthur Fiedler was performed in the great hall. I also went there a few times with my family in 1980 and 1982 to watch the Dofasco Family Pops with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. They sure played lovely music. In 1993, I went there with my sister-in-law to watch a comedy show, and it was holarious. In 2013, I took Sister Marie, my aunt the nun, one of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, to a play called Sleeping Beauty, and it was magnificent. I recently went there to watch Cirque de la Symphony with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra with Ann earlier this month. The show was a mixture of music and acrobats.


The Burger Works

I went to the Burger Works for dinner today in Burlington on Brant Street (between Caroline and James Street) . There is a large variety of hamburgers to choose from. I had the smokey barbeque burger with monterrey jack cheese and bacon. The food is great. You can have your burger medium or well done. I go for the well done. There is also a large selection of side orders to choose from. The breaded onion rings are excellent, and they present them as an onion ring tower. The coffee and the drinks are served in Pyrex measuring cups. The decor was excellent. Food was served on a deep dish steel tray. There is also a Burger Works in Hamilton in Jackson Square on KIng Street West (between James and Bay Streets).

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Hewitt’s Dairy Bar

Hewitt’s Dairy Bar is located north of Hagersville, off of Highway 6. It is a 30 minute drive from downtown Hamilton. I find their Ice cream excellent, as well as their other food items. The ice cream bar is open until 11:00 pm seven days a week. It is worth the drive to Hagersville for freshly made ice cream. They also have excellent hamburgers too.

Hamilton Farmers Market

One of my favourite places to go to in Hamilton is the Hamilton Farmers market. It is located in the Jackson Square shopping centre, next to the Hamilton Copps Public Library (Central Branch). This place offers fresh produce and fruits from around the world besides locally grown produce. They also offer baked goods, meats and seafoods. My favourite booth is the Eggman, where I buy my eggs. I also buy my bananas and sometimes bread or eggrolls from the market. Come and check it out!

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